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Where Are You Now?

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Your journey will change you, and so we can know how and how much, we must take stock along the way. What are the strengths you already have that we can build on? What does your current state of well-being look like?

Dr. Martin Seligman has proven a reliable predictive coloration between a high PERMA score and the flourishing of groups, communities, organizations, and nations. Working to improve your PERMA score increases your personal well-being and also decreases psychological distress.

The Research into VIA Strengths survey has also show that focusing on building your strengths or supporting your weaknesses with your strengths, has a far greater success rate than working on their weaknesses directly.

The Science of Character

Tiffany Shlain & Let It Ripple Studio

The Science of Character (8 mins) explores the neuroscience and social science that proves that we can shape who we are, and who we want to be in the world.

Please take the time to complete the VIA Strength's survey, you will need to register, and there is no cost. We will receive a copy of the PDF that is sent to you, so that we can continue to build you strengths together.

PERMA: Your Well-being Score

Julie Butler & Margaret L. Kern, University of Pennsylvania

In his 2011 book Flourish, Dr. Martin Seligman, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and one of the founders of the field of positive psychology, defined 5 pillars of wellbeing: PERMA (positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment). The PERMA-Profiler measures these five pillars, along with negative emotion and health.

Please take the time to complete the PERMA Survey, you will need to register, and there is no cost. We will ask you to give us a copy of your results. Please take note of the read out and save it for reference.

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