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Jaques and Mark are experienced Game Developers with over a decade of experience each and have led effective agile transformations in that space.

We love to help companies that entertain the world and we have a passion for contributing to this industry to improve the quality of the games while improving working conditions and maximizing the creativity of the amazing people that work in it.


Our Agility in Games Lead Coach, Jaques Smit's journey, started as a Game Designer which developed into being a Product Manager and finally an Agile Coach. He has worked at Game Development studios across the world and during his time at PikPok, he led a multi-year agile transformation while working with some of the best mentors and coaches in the game development space.


As an Enterprise Agile Coach, an Advanced Scrum Master, a Certified Product Owner and a Professional Coach, Jaques found that the game development space isn't a one size fits all environment, and he equipped himself with a wide range of tools to serve game developers to find the right tools given their specific context.


Scrum is a great starting point, that many game studios are already familiar with. For Studios new to agility, we like to partner with Clinton Keith, the father of Agile Game Development, to deliver tailored scrum training. Afterwards, we work with studios to build out custom plans that fit their context, and we support them through coaching and facilitation to discover what works best for them.

For those a little further along the journey, we help you discover what lies beyond scrum and how to incorporate that knowledge into your business model. Using ideas like Complex Adaptive Systems, Competing Values and many more, to help them make sense of their situation.

"When building something new, there are two big questions to answer. Most game developers are eager to answer the obvious one, 'Can we build it right?' But the one that trips most up, is the question, 'If we build it right, will anyone care?' This is where business agility comes in. Finding cheap and easy ways to see if you should build it. before you figure out how to build it." - Jaques Smit

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