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Sarah Devereaux, ICF-MCC

Sarah is proud to be amongst a handful of coaches in New Zealand to hold their Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential and in 2022 was awarded “Top Leadership Coach” by Coaching Foundation.


She has been at the forefront of professional coaching training in New Zealand. Sarah is passionate about creating a positive and self-sustaining impact in the lives of her clients, and organisations.

Sarah enjoys working alongside c-suite and executive leaders, supporting them to develop their leadership and coaching capabilities as well as enhancing their self awareness and drawing out their sense of purpose.


Sarah is adept at bringing articulation to both mental and emotional topics as they arise, and her warmth and integrity play a large role in helping clients to get in touch with themselves, and discover a brighter, and more meaningful way to move forward towards their goals.

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Sarah Devereaux

ICF-MCC | Executive Coach | Team Coach
+64 21 266 0279

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