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Mark has worked in tech and management for twenty years, having enjoyed leading teams, facilitating vision and delivery, and helping groups navigate their role in a larger organisation - both as an agile team coach, and through individual professional coaching and mentoring.

Mark's experience gives him the understanding to tackle the friction that naturally persists as people aim to do their best, amidst challenging and uncertain times. He loves to co-create, within his clients, the understanding, the skills and positive outlook to face pioneering success, and managing change with a smile.

Partnering with people to help them master themselves and progress towards their goals, is why Mark gets up in the morning. This is literally and figuratively true - Mark's routine is devoted to cultivating a mindset and the skill to work with his clients, their present state of mind, and facilitate opening up to new insights.

Coach Masters Academy recently chose one of my coaching conversations to demonstrate the ICF competencies for the ICF-PCC level.

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Mark Gemmell

ICF-PCC | Executive Coach | Agile Coach
+64 21 060 595

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