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Jaques is an agile leadership coach that works with Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Product Managers, Agile Coaches and Executives who work in organisations that care about a sustainable and adaptable path to success.

His vision is that every person working in a team feels valuable, empowered and purposeful. Because great success comes from collaboration and leaders are the key to unlocking that collaboration, he loves to work with leaders in creating a generative space that is fit for purpose. He helps leaders make great decisions.

In addition to his work as an agile leadership coach in Mind Forge®, he is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and President of the Central & South Island New Zealand branch. Jaques spent 14+ years in leadership positions in the creative industry, primarily making games. In 2021 and 2022 Influencer Digest recognized Jaques as one of the Top 15 coaches in Wellington, New Zealand.

Jaques strictly uses practices supporting by scientific research and holds himself to a high standard of diligent practice and self improvement.

During a public demonstration for Coach Masters Academy on 17/08/2022, Jaques Smit, PCC, coached Gerusio Matonse in front of 65 observers to demonstrate the Masterful use of the Transformative Coaching Approach. After the coach session Dr Ben Koh, MCC, debriefed Gerusio to find out how the conversation affected him. Take a moment to hear what Gerusio had to say:

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Jaques Smit

ICF-PCC | Executive Coach | Agile Coach
+64 21 151 6667

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