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Evan Spargo, ICF-MCC

Evan is a Master Certified Coach, credentialed through the International Coaching Federation. His real passion lies in helping individuals to get out of their own way in order to become the person they want to be - alongside bringing self-awareness and cohesion to groups of individuals - as they learn and grow to be a high-performing and healthy team.


His expertise lies in his ability to help bring awareness to what is unconscious to the people he works with, helping them take ownership and leadership of their own lives by learning to shift their way of thinking and being in order to transform their full potential into reality.


Evan’s work is a reflection of his own growth, the countless hours of science-based coach training, and the wisdom seeded from an exposure to a wide variety of teams and professions - allowing him to quickly grasp underlying dynamics any team faces, and facilitate their growth journey.

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Evan Spargo

ICF-MCC | Executive Coach | Team Coach
+61 411 101 093

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