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Mastering Conflict Resolution: Self-Paced

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It turns out that most people have not developed good conflict-resolution skills. Make sure you have and that you know how to teach it to those around you. These skills can make your life a much more enjoyable journey. Let's start by talking about what Good conflict is not: Good conflict is not being willing to fight every battle and get a resolution. This behaviour is more likely to suppress people's willingness to tell you what they really think and keep you in the dark about the information you needed to make a good decision. It is also not about staying quiet when you don't agree to preserve the peace. You must be brave and speak your mind, or you might be costing those around you the opportunity to respond appropriately to the perspective you have. So what is good conflict? Simply put, good conflict is the ability to agree openly without ego and a clear intention to learn from each other, while taking responsibility for communicating your own needs and feelings, listening to the needs and feelings of others and making sure that you communicate in a way that will ensure that all parties are heard and get their needs met. - You are not responsible for meeting someone else's needs. That is their responsibility. You are responsible for hearing them, really hearing them, and helping them to hear you. Now let's find out what this really means.

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