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Fist Bump

Our Vision is that Every Person in the world feels Valuable, Purposeful and Empowered to the mutual benefit of the Team they belong in


Do you want a high-performing team?
The leadership development gym
Helps your organisation and team succeed.

If you want to improve Employee Engagement, create a Learning Organization and Improve your Workplace Well-being, start Transforming Your Culture Today. Research shows that 84% of organizational change efforts fail because of people reasons while 85% of leaders who engaged in coaching out perform their peers in regards to soft skills. We stack those odds by also providing high quality Leadership Training aimed at enhancing Belonging so that you can have a foundation of Psychological Safety to facilitate Impactful Feedback, Frank Conversation and Collective Ownership.

Great Results come from Great Teams and Great Teams get better through Great Leadership. 

All management is change management, and all change creates friction. We support leaders and organisations through change so that they can get the results they want sooner.

Leadership Coaching Award.png

Mind Forge Director Sarah Devereaux, MCC was honored by Coach Foundation as one of the Top 20 Leadership Coaches of 2022 

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