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Executive Leadership Journey


You'll look back at this as your breakthrough year

Spend this year being supported by a handful of New Zealand's Top Coaches and a cohort of other Skilled Leaders to Accelerate your Executive Career and Grow your business.

We believe in a science-based approach to supporting leaders in creating teams that want to work together, a culture of open and honest conversation, and a purpose that inspires.

Idea brainstorming
Mark Portrait.jpg

Mark Gemmell, PCC

Succeed in Difficult Situations

Learn how to deal with your high-stress environment and make better decisions that are sustainable for you and your company

"Mark has been a fantastic coach in helping me through my issue with motivation and focus. The effects of his sessions have had a real positive impact on my day to day life."

- Jason Yuen, User Acquisition Manager at PikPok

Cutting Edge Leadership Skills

Learn cutting edge knowledge in the field of leadership from some of the Top Leadership Coaches in the Country

"Sarah is an incredible coach, trainer and facilitator with an approach that is adaptive to each and every learner. Sarah has this ability to make people feel instantly at ease and in their surroundings and every person is treated equally and valued..."

- Michelle Strawbridge, Organisational Development Manager at Heartland Bank

Sarah Devereaux, MCC

Staff Meeting

Jaques Smit, PCC

Community of Executive Leaders

Connect with others going through the same struggles that you are, and share wisdom to help each other navigate the complexity inherent in being an Executive

"Jaques has been a great mentor over the last few months. His dedication to his work and clients is evident and I have really enjoyed the regular sessions to improve and work towards my personal and business goals."

- Isaac Vickers, Financial Advisor at Blue Canoe

Thrive Under Pressure

Learn how to deal with your high-stress environment and make better decisions that are sustainable for you and your company

Jo-Lavender photo (2).jpg

Jo Lanigan, MCC

"Jo is a wonderful ICF coach trainer and mentor, and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to train as a coach, or receive personal coaching."

- Jennifer Saxton, Senior Research Associate at University of Cambridge

Executive Retreat - Stress Management and Leadership
A 2-day retreat in a beautiful location aimed at training you in important leadership skills and equipping you with tools to reduce your stress levels. The retreat is designed to facilitate learning and leave you focused so you can take on the challenges you face in your business.
23 Jul, 5:00 pm NZST – 25 Jul, 2:00 pm NZST
23 Pahoia Beach Road, Whakamārama 3172, New Zealand

Find out more about our upcoming Retreat.

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